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Pilot's Operating Handbook, an aircraft flight manual.

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2 answers

Why do electronics have to be off before engine startup/shut down on a Cessna 172?

Can someone explain in simple words why we make sure electronics are off before we start up/ shut down our Cessna172 engine?
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2 answers

How does the weight affect the altitude that can be reached by trading speed after a total engine failure?

I recently read in the manual for The Beechcraft T-6 Texan II (a turboprop aircraft) about engine failure during flight at different altitudes and the gains from pitching up after the engine failure ...
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11 votes
3 answers

What are the landing stall speeds of a Cessna 172?

I understood from Why is stall speed listed in a POH? that the Cessna Skyhawk POH lists stall speeds for specific conditions due to a lack of AoA indicator. However, what's unclear to me is what the ...
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7 votes
6 answers

Is it okay to take off with weight more than the POH max gross weight?

I wonder if I could take off with weight more than the gross weight stated in the POH of my aircraft as long as I take off with a higher speed? I think I have done it once by mistake.
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2 answers

How are forward and aft CG limits calculated?

I have been tasked to create a POH for my aero engineering coursework and part of this task is to create the CG envelope for the theoretical 65 passenger aircraft. I have figured out weight, moment ...
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1 answer

How did the service ceiling certification change in the 70s?

According to this video (at 4:30-4:45) the "later" Cessna T337 and P337 were limited to 20,000 feet whereas the older models "had no such limitation - a quirk in changes in the certification standards ...
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Why do we see "page intentionally left blank" so often in aviation related documents?

In aviation, we see the phrase "This page is intentionally left blank" quite often in documents like POHs, AIP etc. I can't remember seeing this in any other field. Why is that the case? Why do we see ...
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2 answers

PoH says airplane climbs steeper at higher weight. Why? How?

Here's a puzzle. Looking at the PoH of my aircraft, it appears that the climb angle (distance to clear a 50 foot obstacle, starting from the end of the ground roll) is shallower at lower weight than ...'s user avatar
6 votes
2 answers

Does the Cessna POH state the fuel consumption in Imperial or US Gallons?

I'm planning a trip in a Cessna 182T and was calculating fuel requirements and started wondering. I have always assumed that fuel consumption is in US Gallons (or 3.785 litres) but I can't find a ...
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4 answers

Why is best angle/rate of climb indicated in airspeed?

I understand the difference between best angle of climb $V_{x}$ and best rate of climb $V_{y}$. When I take off I would aim to maintain one speed or another depending on what I want. But I don't ...
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2 answers

How do I use the takeoff and landing distance charts in the C172 POH?

Can anyone explain how to calculate takeoff and landing distances using the chart for C172s, and please give me an example?
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1 answer

What is the critical altitude?

What is the definition of critical altitude and why is important to know in Vmc graph? Also, is there any critical altitude in the Piper PA-44 Seminole?
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1 answer

Does anybody know that why C172S POH doesn't have normal & soft field landing distance chart?

Thank you for reading my writing. I found out that C172S, C172P model POH doesn't have normal landing distance & soft field landing distance chart or table. It has only short field landing ...
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1 answer

Airspeed Calibration alternate static source, what is this for?

I found a 'Airspeed Calibration Alternate Static Source' Figure in C172R POH. There are three kinds of Figure, 1. Heater off, Vents and Windows Closed 2. Heater On, Vents Open and Windows Closed 3. ...
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Which engine manual must a pilot legally use?

Many aircraft have engine/prop performance information provided by the manufacture such as Bonanza, Cessna, Mooney, etc AND the engine manufacture. The performance or recommended settings may vary ...
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2 answers

Why is there no 100% power in the POH power setting table? [duplicate]

I've flown a piper cadet arrow. The airplane has an engine of 200 horsepower at 2700 RPM. According to the power setting table in the POH, the maximum power we can set is 75% horsepower. With 100% ...
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Do you have to update weight and balance charts after installing new avionics?

The POH always has weight and balance charts. Let's say you install some new avionics, hence changing the weight of the aircraft. Do you need to update the POH binder with new weight & balance ...
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How do I get a copy of a Pilot Operating Handbook? [closed]

I need the POH for a Cassutt Plus or any variation for a University Project but I can't seem to find anything on the plane. Any other information (flight capabilities etc) would be helpful - with ...
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Where can I find the turn radius on the ground for the Piper Seminole?

I meant to be doing a quiz for a class and one of the questions is asking for the turn radius of the Piper Seminole. However I cant find it anywhere in the POH. Do you know where I can look?
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