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Pilot's Operating Handbook, an aircraft flight manual.

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3 votes
4 answers

Why is best angle/rate of climb indicated in airspeed?

I understand the difference between best angle of climb $V_{x}$ and best rate of climb $V_{y}$. When I take off I would aim to maintain one speed or another depending on what I want. But I don't ...
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11 votes
3 answers

What are the landing stall speeds of a Cessna 172?

I understood from Why is stall speed listed in a POH? that the Cessna Skyhawk POH lists stall speeds for specific conditions due to a lack of AoA indicator. However, what's unclear to me is what the ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How are forward and aft CG limits calculated?

I have been tasked to create a POH for my aero engineering coursework and part of this task is to create the CG envelope for the theoretical 65 passenger aircraft. I have figured out weight, moment ...
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How do I use the takeoff and landing distance charts in the C172 POH?

Can anyone explain how to calculate takeoff and landing distances using the chart for C172s, and please give me an example?
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