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Questions tagged [pitch]

Pitch is rotation about the lateral axis, which makes the nose point up or down.

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How much could you increase lift using ailerons alone?

If a plane had ailerons that could be moved in the same direction, could the lift be increased by a non-negligible amount?
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why are airplane propellers always undersized?

While calculating propeller static thrust by using a famous Prop-power-calculator.xls (by Pé Reivers), I've noticed that no matter what "stock" configuration I put into the calculator, I do always get ...
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Pitch control in PX4 autopilot

I am trying to translate controller diagram of fixed wing px4 attitude control into mathematical form. While going through the controller diagram Fixed-Wing Attitude Controller looking into PX4 github ...
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What is propeller pitch speed?

I was using Ecalc to calculate some flight parameters and then I came across this term called "propeller pitch speed". Can anyone explain me what this means?
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Is pitch-flap coupling an aerodynamic effect or an intrinsic property of a delta 3 offset?

I am modelling a propeller, in particularly the equations of motion of the various pitch/lag/flap angles as the propeller is turning around. The blade includes a $\delta_3$ angle, which provides pitch-...
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