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Questions tagged [piston-engine]

Piston (reciprocating) aircraft engines are internal combustion engines, similar to the type found in most automobiles. They are typically gasoline powered.

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Engine Bearings Damage in Radial Engines

Studying the P47's dive performance in DCS, I noticed how it's easy to damage the engine bearings if you windmill the prop at high speed. Doing some research, I discovered that all radial engines are ...
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Why isn't Yamaha EPeX300Ti more popular in aviation?

The answer to this question might be obvious to experienced aviators. But as an armchair enthusiast, I really couldn't find a satisfactory answer anywhere on the internet. Below two pages came from ...
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Do Red Bull Air Race aircraft make use of nitrous oxide injection?

Microsoft Flight Simulator X contains Red Bull Air Race missions where the player flies an Extra 300S through a race course and makes use of Nitrous Oxide injection for the engine. While I have heard ...
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Can a turbo aircraft be converted to non-turbo?

I'm specifically thinking about the Arrow III. There are hundreds or possibly thousands of turbo Arrow III's, but almost no non-turbos. Could I buy an Arrow III Turbo (PA-28R-201T) that is at TBO ...
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How does the pressure distribution at the blades of a radial turbocharger look like?

Consider a piston engine equipped with a turbocharger. In the turbine section of the turbocharger, the pressurized exhaust airflow comes from the center (radially) to the blades, then changes ...
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What happens if you put too much oil into a reciprocating engine wet sump?

Apparently putting too much oil into your airplane engine is really bad and can be expensive but why? Will the excess oil go out via the oil breather,... ? Thank you
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What variables is an engine's AFR based on?

Maybe this is a bit too technical for an aviation forum, but it specifically concerns a flight engine.(Rotax 912 iS) Road vehicle engines will probably have different behavior. As you may know, the ...
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Is there an STC for converting the Continental O-470-R to a fuel injected engine?

Is there an STC for converting the Continental O-470-R to a fuel injected engine without making any other changes?
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