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An abbreviation of "pilot report", which are reports of actual conditions experienced by pilots in a particular area.

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Are the turbulence reports by pilots via PIREPs used by other nearby aircraft or air traffic controllers to modify operations in any way?

I know the pilots are required to report turbulence experienced in the aircraft via PIREPs. The data for turbulence with lat,long,alt and the severity is available. I am wondering if the PIREPs are ...
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Is there a way to integrate recorded digital media evidence into a pilot report?

If I encounter something during flight that I feel other pilots in the area at that time need to be aware of, the standard procedure is to file a pilot report. If I have taken a photo or video of the ...
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How does a pilot file a PIREP?

For what reasons would a pilot want to file a PIREP? If a pilot wanted to file a PIREP, how would he/she go about filing one?
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What is an easy format for giving pilot reports?

Is there a technique anyone has to make it easier to give PIREPs (mnemonics, etc?) I'd like to be able to give them while I fly but I can never find the expected format handy, so it ends up being a ...
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