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How can I land a PA-44 (Seminole)?

I’m trying to get my ME endorsement now, and I find I can’t land very well. My instructor told me to forget everything I know about the Cessna, and that this aircraft should be landed with power. He ...
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Exceeding VLO and by how much is too much?

Piper Seminole (PA-44-180) VLO (max gear retraction speed) is 109 KIAS. I've heard that manufacturer published limitations are significantly lower than actual structural and system limitations. What ...
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Why is it that T-tails want to climb like on a PA-44? It seems like it always wants to climb [closed]

I'm having a little difficulty understanding the aerodynamics of a t-tail and how it affects climb.
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What is the critical altitude?

What is the definition of critical altitude and why is important to know in Vmc graph? Also, is there any critical altitude in the Piper PA-44 Seminole?
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Does the PA-44's squat switch disable the stall warning?

I've read the AFM and looked online about the gear system for the PA-44 Seminole and there is apparently a squat switch on the right main gear that disables the stall warning whilst on the ground. ...
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