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Questions tagged [piper-pa-28]

A family of small single-engine piston-powered general-aviation aircraft seating two to four persons, produced by Piper since 1960.

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Can a turbo aircraft be converted to non-turbo?

I'm specifically thinking about the Arrow III. There are hundreds or possibly thousands of turbo Arrow III's, but almost no non-turbos. Could I buy an Arrow III Turbo (PA-28R-201T) that is at TBO ...
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PTT mutes mic w/ A20, Delta Zulu, works with older headsets

New airplane to me. Coms work great using an older headset, David Clark or other brand. When using my Delta Zulu or Bose A20 the intercoms works fine until you press the PTT. When pressed the radio ...
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HSI KG 525 PNI non slaved or only slaved?

I'm in Germany and currently on a project about the avionics of an older airplane (PA28). Here is a link to a former reddit question. My Prof. and me want to update the Avionics now - he asked me to ...
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How far apart are the rudder pedals on a Piper PA-28?

How far is the left rudder pedal from the right pedal on a Piper PA-28? I assume the left and right seats have equal pedal spacing, but if not, the left seat is what I would like to know.
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For the purposes of complying with an AD, what exactly does "missing and/or incomplete maintenance records" mean?

I'm considering the purchase of a Piper PA-28R Arrow. I calculated the factored service hours which came up to around 2500 or half of the required FSH to make it subject to the recent Piper wing spar ...
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What is the static thrust of a Piper Arrow III?

I want to find out what's the static thrust of a Piper Arrow III (non-turbo) with Mc Cauley propeller at T/O (max) power as function of the air density. I can't find it in the manual, I know the ...
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