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Questions tagged [piper-pa-28]

A family of small single-engine piston-powered general-aviation aircraft seating two to four persons, produced by Piper since 1960.

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34 votes
2 answers

Starting on the left magneto only - why?

I had been flying a PA-28 Archer III for quite a few months before I sat down to properly read through the POH. Something stood out to me about the starting procedure (emphasis mine) Open the ...
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18 votes
1 answer

How does the fuel pump work in a PA-28 and when should I use it?

Just started flying again after 14 years and I'm taking this to the finish line this time. All my time, up till 10 am today, is in a C172. I did fly a PA 28-151 today and liked it. I do have some ...
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4 votes
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What are the equations to compute takeoff and landing distance?

I am flying a Piper 28-336 Dakota. Based on this paper I was able to reproduce the take-off distances from the POH and incorporate the calculations directly in Excel. It can be seen that the effects ...
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