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For questions specifically pertaining to pilots themselves, rather than aircraft or flying; use [career] instead where applicable.

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Does anyone know what this set of aviation wings signifies?

I stumbled upon this set of aviation wings whilst searching through a box of old things, though I'm at a loss as to their origin, and what they symbolise. Judging from the lack of skill used to craft ...
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Are pilots over the age of 65 allowed to act as PIC for ferry flights between the UK and Canada?

I have been informed that I'm not allowed to act as PIC for a ferry flight to and from the UK for a Canadian commercially-registered transport aircraft that I currently fly in Canada for charter ops. ...
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Is there a limit for which vision can be corrected to 20/20 vision for being a pilot?

I have 20/400 vision and can be corrected to 20/20 vision with glasses. Does having 20/400 vision disqualify me from getting a pilot license? Would it prevent me from getting the required medical ...
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Can I become a reserve fighter plane pilot in the Indian air force?

I am a B.Tech Computer Science student in India. Soon after my studies I will get a job somewhere in computer science field. I am interested in technology, and things like Artificial Intelligence that ...
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Can three pilots accumulate total flight time while training?

Situation: On an aircraft with a flight deck large enough to fit multiple people, three pilots are onboard. 1 PIC in the left seat, and two certified copilots taking turns flying in the right seat for ...
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