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Questions tagged [pilot-technique]

Questions about different techniques that pilots may use when flying.

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Can a plane help a second aircraft with landing gear issue mid-air?

My Father received his flight training in the Navy in 1941. He flew mostly Curtiss Wright SNC's (a model of the CW-22) and Grumman F3F's. The story I was told is hard to believe, so I'm hoping that ...
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Flying in V formation with multiple planes

Logistically choreographed using air-traffic controllers to pair like planes headed in the same direction or by scheduling flights together, how much fuel could be saved pairing planes to fly in a ...
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In a flat spin, does the F-16 use its rudder deflection against the rotation for recovering?

If the H-tail is used in recovery from the flat spin, is the rudder used for stopping the yaw or beta of the F-16? I know that it is surely used for inverted flat spin, but I believe that the rudder ...
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In an Airbus A-320, when is it appropriate to use: vertical speed mode, the expedite button, and the speedbrake?

When it is appropriate and good airmanship to use Vertical speed on A-320 and where it is written? Also same questions for the speedbrake? Also, why do some captains call the expedite push button the &...
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