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The inability of a pilot, who is part of the operating crew, to carry out their normal duties because of the onset, during flight, of the effects of physiological or psychological factors.

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Has anyone with no flight training ever landed an aircraft with no assistance?

There have been successful "talk-down landings" in which someone on the ground has given instructions over radio for a passenger to land an aircraft when the pilot was incapacitated, but has ...
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How often do talk-down landings go wrong?

There are some well documented stories of non-pilots successfully landing airplanes after the pilot was incapacitated. Usually this involves radio assistance by ATC and/or flight instructors. My ...
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What kind of assistance can another aircraft provide to an incapacitated pilot?

A recent incident unfolded as follows: An aircraft overflew the planned destination and did not respond to radio calls on any frequency. ATC decided the pilot might be incapacitated and asked another ...
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Is having a history of seeing a therapist not allowed for pilots?

In a recent question someone said: I thought about seeing a therapist, but as I want to work at a major company, I don't know if you're allowed to have a history of seeing one. Is it true that ...
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Why are planes allowed to fly with just one pilot?

I chanced on this article which raises the titled question: Why aren't two pilots mandated for all planes esp. military? What happens if the lone pilot becomes incapacitated, esp. if the plane has ...
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What does an absolute novice need to learn to make a successful emergency landing?

Suppose I am a passenger in a small, non-commercial plane (e.g. at most 8 seats), and the pilot suddenly dies or is otherwise incapacitated mid-flight. Suppose further that nobody else on the plane ...
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Has a passenger or cabin crew member ever flown an airliner?

Is there any documented case, excluding hijacking, where a passenger or cabin crew member had to fly an airliner (hands on yoke/stick) – even if just briefly – due to an emergency (pilot ...
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co-pilot incapacitation: land alone or with a passenger-pilot?

Pilots are trained to safely fly the aircraft in case of co-pilot incapacitation: "A commercial aircraft can be landed with one pilot at the control and Delta pilots are fully trained to do so if ...
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Has there even been a case of pilot incapacitation due to food poisoning?

On commercial flights, pilots are usually required to have different meal, to reduce the chance of food poisoning affecting both pilots. Is this just a precautionary measure, or has this actually ...
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Are there known cases of an airline pilot's becoming incapacitated, while in command of the aircraft, during a critical flight phase?

Are there any reported cases in which the Pilot Flying of an airliner has become incapacitated during a critical phase of flight, so that the Pilot Monitoring has had to intervene to prevent a ...
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Is there a way, by which an airline or ATC would be alerted, if both pilots are asleep or incapacitated?

There are various questions around, which deals with what happens if both pilots are incapacitated, but my question is different. I want to ask, is there a way by which an airline or ATC is alerted ...
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What is the procedure if both pilots are incapacitated? [duplicate]

Let's say both pilots passed out , is there anyone else from cabin crew that is trained enough to land a plane?
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Do special procedures exist to limit pilot workload during pilot incapacitation?

Although pilot incapacitation is rare, the website lists several occurrances of flight crew incapacitation, alone two events reported yesterday. FAA AC 25.1523-1 requires all aircraft ...
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On the F15-E, can the WSO take over if the pilot is incapacitated?

The F15-E Strike Eagle features a two-man cockpit. The pilot in the front seat and the WSO (Weapons System Officer) in the back seat. If the jet is cruising straight and level is mechanically sound ...
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What happens when a pilot is incapacitated? [duplicate]

Is there a contingency for such a situation, where one of the pilots leaves the cockpit, the other pilot is incapacitated (for example losing consciousness) while the first pilot is still outside the ...
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If both pilots are incapacitated, what happens?

How do the airlines prepare for a situation where for some reason both PIC and SIC are incapacitated for the remainder of the flight?
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Can a passenger realistically replace suddenly incapacitated pilots?

Yes, this is a question from the movies. Assume that the plane is in flight and in perfect mechanical conditions. However, all the pilots onboard are suddenly incapacitated. Can a passenger without ...
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