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Pilot fatigue and crew rest time, and the associated risk management and regulations.

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Does simulator time count towards Flight Time Limitations under EASA?

Does flight time in a FFS (Level D) count towards the maximum flying hours permitted under flight time limitations? e.g. you spend 4 hours in a simulator. Do those 4 hours come off your maximum flying ...
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ETH 409: Was the most obvious sign of fatigue being a factor due to one of the pilots calling out “go around” when they were climbing after T/O? [closed]

One of the pilots yelled out “go around” x6. It looks like they were making a right turn when they should have been making a left turn. The controller informed them for the second time to turn left, ...
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Is the time pilots are commuting considered rest time?

Pilots operating under FAR Part 121 assigned to domestic routes are required to have a certain amount of "rest" time before beginning a flight. Further, the maximum "flight time," (where the pilot ...
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How are the hours that count toward fatigue limits calculated by the FAA?

Which part of the flight actually counts toward the flight hours limited by the FAA? Is there any accounting for the time spent in flight preparation in so far as compensation or hour limits?
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What is the legal interpretation of rest for FAA Part 135 operations?

14 CFR 135, Subpart F contains the rest requirements for Part 135 operations. The rest requirement for 1 and 2 pilot unscheduled crews (typical) comes from: 135.267(d) Each assignment under ...
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