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Questions tagged [physiological]

Questions about physiological factors affecting aircraft crew or passengers during flight.

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3 answers

Flying upside down without feeling it

A friend of mine told me that several years ago she flew on a two-seats general aviation aircraft. She does not remember the exact model, but she remembers well that the pilot flew upside down for a ...
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How to adjust time of useful consciousness for pilots acclimatised to high altitudes?

The time of useful consciousness (TUC) is the length of time an average pilot, breathing ambient-pressure air without supplemental oxygen, is capable of functioning usefully at a given altitude. For ...
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Why is the air inside airliners so dry (low humidity)?

The air inside an airliner is very dry which causes all sorts of passenger discomfort such as dry eyes, dry skin and in some cases headaches. Why is the air so dry and what do or can modern designs ...
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Why is the time of useful consciousness only seconds at high altitudes, when I can hold my breath much longer at ground level?

This answer says at FL500 (50,000 ft; 15,250 m) the time of useful consciousness is only 6 to 9 seconds. But if I just stop breathing at any arbitrary time, without any preparation, I can easily ...
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How do airline pilots relieve the physical stress and discomfort of sitting for long periods of time?

Airline pilots are required to sit in the cockpit for quite a considerable amount of time during their day. For example, during the preflight, climb and descend portions of the flight, there are many ...
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How long does it take for pilots to become unconscious after an uncontrolled depressurization at FL 340?

I've just read a news article on the depressurization incident that happened today in Australia. How much time did the pilots have before they lose consciousness if they hadn't used their oxygen masks?...
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Since there are no toilets on smaller aircraft, how do you deal with the inevitable?

How do you handle business on a small plane on long flights? For example a cross country in a C-172.
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How do people suffering from hypoxia not realize they aren't getting enough oxygen?

I've seen reports of flight passengers/crew suffering hypoxia, and many times without knowing it. My question is, how could you not be aware of it? For example, at above 10000ft, if your body is ...
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