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Questions tagged [payload]

Questions about various types of payload that aircraft carry

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What are the maximum dimensions and weight per piece that can be loaded on a 737-800BCF (Boeng Converted Freighter)

The 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter aircraft cargo specs are widely available on the Boeing and other related websites, but the actual per piece maximum dimensions and weight than can be fitted on ...
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Why would payload optimized weight make a difference for bin space

I was on a Delta flight out of DTW and they told people (about 30 times at the gate and in the plane) that the flight is payload optimized and people needed to make sure they didn't put anything but a ...
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Calculating the horizontal drift for parachute, is it okay to assume the "starting speed" to be terminal velocity?

Plus in the worst case of the maximum range, can we assume we are already at the terminal velocity when we're deployed at 600m? If we assume that we are deployed at 600m, we "freefall" for a ...
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