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Questions relating to aviation in Pakistan.

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Why has Pakistan bought J10C?

Pakistan inducts China-made J-10C fighter jets into PAF According to the above article, the purchase of J10C was the response to India's purchase of Dassault Rafale. Can anyone please explain why or ...
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Why does Pakistan continue to use F-16s?

Why does Pakistan continue to use F-16s even though they have their own JF-17s? What features do Pakistani F-16s have which their JF-17s don't?
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Why would the Pakistan airspace closure cancel flights not headed to Pakistan itself?

The India-Pakistan feud has heated up again, with Pakistan closing its airspace as a result. I know many international routes fly over Pakistan, and that the closure would cause issues, but this ...
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Please tell me which trainer aircraft is this?

This trainer aircraft was spotted by me on a video on youtube, which said they were at the Lahore Flying Club. I really could not tell what aircraft they were on. If anyone can tell me, that would be ...
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Why do you think Pakistani LACM and SLCM have different ranges? [closed] The following is the picture of Pakistan's LACM Babur-II. Its billed range is 750 km. The following is the picture of Pakistan's SLCM Babur-III. ...
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Is JF-17 a reconfigured Mig-21/F-7?

The JF-17 Thunder is a fighter jet which has been developed with the joint collaboration of Pakistan and China. There has been a lot of hype about this aircraft in recent years. Pakistani and Chinese ...
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