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Could a propeller system for airplanes with automatic, cyclic blade-pitch control that is designed to counter p-factor be practical?

Considering that P-factor is a result of differing angles of attack of the blades on an airplane's propeller, I would imagine that if there was a design that could control the pitch of each individual ...
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Why don't all twin engines counter-rotate?

It seems that having counter-rotating twin engines would be a natural choice to avoid the unwanted yaw seen in single engines and yet there are several twin-engine aircrafts that that aren't counter-...
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Retreating Blade Stall, P-Factor, and Gyroscopic Precession

Most airplane pilots are aware of P-Factor in propeller driven aircraft and that it tends create a torque in phase with the lift imbalance over the blade disc, resulting in a yaw moment about the ...
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What is the influence of yaw on P-factor?

From William Kershner's “The Advanced Pilot’s Flight Manual”- page 2-17, P-Factor: If the airplane is yawed, the P-factor effect is encountered. A left yaw would mean a slight nose down tendency and ...
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What is the effect of a taildragger on P-factor?

By looking an image of P-40 Warhawk with taildragger (and other vintage warplanes), one can conspicuously find the propeller disc of this aircraft isn't perpendicular to the relative airflow which ...
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How to balance a propeller aircraft for left turning tendencies?

(Source) Rudder twist on a Saab 91 Safir. What are the design methods used to balance a propeller aircraft for left turning tendencies? I think it matters more the more powerful the engine(s) is. A ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Does the direction of counter-rotating props affect efficiency?

From my brief Wikipedying, if counter-rotating props' tops go towards each other, each has a reduced P-factor so the loss of either engine won't yaw the aircraft as hard as if the bottoms come ...
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Did old propeller aircraft begin takeoff off-center to counter p-factor?

I have tried to ask this in chat and I have been invited to ask a full fledged question here. Is it true that an old (say about between the two world wars) take-off technique, to compensate for the p-...
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