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The P-51 is an American fighter introduced in 1942.

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How many versions of the P-51 dorsal fin fillet are documented?

How many different versions of the P-51 Mustang DFF are there?
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What technical features account for the P-51B/D's low drag relative to other fighters of the day (e.g, Spitfire Mk IX)?

I am really sorry to dredge a popular topic up again. Unfortunately, after reading through some papers on the P-51 as well as all the past forum threads I could find on this topic, I have found myself ...
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5 answers

Why do propeller driven planes have intakes/inlets, such as this one on the P-51 Mustang?

Specifically talking about the p51, why do they have intakes? Don't propeller-driven planes not require any sort of intake because the propeller is what propels it by pushing air behind it?
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What is this "No Hand Hold" thing in the P-51 Mustang cockpit?

Does Anybody remember Combat Flight Simulator WW2 Europe Series ? In the P-51, there is a "something" with "No hand hold" text on top of it What is that ? Image source
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Tail Warning Radar on the P-51

One of the "features" of the P-51 was a tail warning radar that was supposed to let pilots know if an enemy fighter was on your tail. However, a P-51 pilot told me that they generally ...
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P-51 Supercharger Loops

A WWII pilot once told me that, for fun, they would sometimes take their P-51s up and perform what he called "supercharger loops". They would climb to an altitude below where the ...
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4 answers

Why does the P-51 Mustang take so much altitude to recover from a spin?

From this answer, it appears that the P-51 Mustang takes a lot of altitude to recover from a spin. The average is a 3000 to 6000 foot loss, with a loss of up to 7500 feet in one instance. The recovery ...
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5 answers

What is the difference between a P-51 Mustang and an A-36 Apache?

Both were made by North American Aviation and the planes were almost twins - the A-36 having a ground attack role while the P-51 was a fighter. Are there any noticeable differences between the two?
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Was the P-82 twin Mustang better than the P-51D? [closed]

The P-82 twin Mustang was made to replace the P-51D in the escort role. It was faster, and had two engines with two pilots. It also had a better armament but wasn't as maneuverable as the P-51D. Which ...
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2 answers

Did the Germans ever use captured Allied aircraft against the Allies?

I have noticed that during WWII the Germans captured quite a few P-47s, P-51s, Spitfires, and other Allied aircraft. I know that they tested them extensively but wanted to know if they ever used them ...
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Why this P-51 limitations placard for diving?

I noticed that this placard has different diving speeds related to altitud. My guess is that those values are a safety speed to prevent going into regions close to Mach 1. I know that the speed of ...
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9 answers

Why was the P-51 Mustang not adopted by the U.S. Navy?

I've heard from many WWII aviation hobbyists and WWII vets that the P-51 was essentially the pinnacle of U.S. piston-engine fighter design; it was fast, maneuverable, long-range, well-armed, allowed ...
28 votes
2 answers

Why does camouflage make some planes fly slower?

Why does camouflage decrease some airplanes' speed? I have noticed that some planes fly slower with camouflage than without it. For example, when the RAF applied camo on the P-51 Mustang, they noticed ...
11 votes
1 answer

What did the "gear warning horn" on the North American P-51 sound like?

I'm working on a sound project for a P51 simulation and I'm having real trouble trying to find a reference on how the P51 gear warning horn sounded like. What mechanisms were used in the '40s to make ...
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2 answers

Does an aircraft with higher aspect ratio wings produce more wingtip vortices in a turn than one with lower aspect ratio wings?

The Ta-152H was well-known for having very high-aspect ratio wings: 8.94, if I'm not mistaken. Now, compare this to the P-51 which had, if I'm not mistaken, an aspect ratio of 5.86. Does this mean ...
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Can a P51 outrun an missile? [closed]

No explanation needed, can a P-51 Mustang outrun a missile?
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2 answers

Why is the horizontal stabilizer forward of the vertical stabilizer on the P-51?

Why is the horizontal stabilizer forward of the vertical stabilizer on a P-51? Are there other airplanes that are like this?
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2 answers

Does it really take 9000 feet to recover from a spin in a P-51 Mustang?

I was a bit surprised to hear from this P-51 pilot (9:33 into the video) that the Mustang requires 9000 feet to recover from a spin. This seems high to me. The Mustang POH does not confirm this, but ...