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A device that provides oxygen to passengers or crew when necessary, usually due to a loss of cabin pressure.

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Was Hawthorne C. Gray the first pilot to use a positive pressure mask?

The balloonist Hawthorne C. Gray established human altitude records twice in 1927. His ascent in May 1927 went to 42,470 ft (12.94 km) which is an altitude the FAA requires the use of a pressure ...
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How did the unpressurized Cessna Grand Caravan fly at 43,000 ft? [closed]

Recently I've seen a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan flying as high as 43,000 ft MSL on flightradar24. Perhaps it's still in the air if you look over eastern Canada (the Grand Caravan has a unique shape from ...
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Do airline pilots really put on an oxygen mask when alone in the cockpit above 25,000 ft?

The FAA requires a pilot to put on the oxygen mask if the other pilot leaves cockpit when cruising above FL250. It also requires that one pilot always wears an oxygen mask when flying above FL410. Do ...
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Could DC-10s be equipped with seatback inflight entertainment screens, given that the oxygen systems are in seatbacks rather than overhead?

Unlike most passenger aircraft, the supplemental oxygen mask system on the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 was located in the backs of passenger seats, rather than in an overhead compartment in the passenger ...
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Why is more oxygen required at higher altitudes?

Referring to a chapter from Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Normal air contains approximately 21 percent oxygen, and this provides adequate oxygen for the human body at lower altitudes. At 34 000 ft [...
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Why do fighter jets pilots use an oxygen mask? [duplicate]

I always wondered why fighter pilots need to fly with a facemask. Since the cabin in pressurised wouldn't the oxygen level be the same as in any commercial jet so sufficient for the pilot to remain ...
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Did the Phantom F-4 contain "polychron" or other synthetic materials as a replacement for rubber circa 1969?

update: In order to make it easier to answer this question, use of "synthetic materials as a replacement for rubber circa 1969" in any aircraft might be good enough. Michael Crichton's 1969 ...
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Was the oxygen mask, on this flight, out of order?

Recently I was on flight where the panel for the oxygen mask, above my seat, looked like on the picture: the "button" in the middle of the panel was extended, turned and was showing a red tag on the ...
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How and how often are the oxygen masks in the cabin checked?

Looking at this old answer I can see that oxygen masks check is mandatory for the flight deck. What about passenger masks? Is this check done daily on airliners? How is this check conducted and what ...
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How could the Helios 522 passengers have survived so long without oxygen?

I've noticed some strange inconsistencies regarding the documentation of Helios Airways Flight 522. So first: Autopsies on the crash victims showed that all were alive at the time of impact But ...
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Why do the emergency oxygen masks for some 787 premium class seats have an extra 'streamer' to pull them down?

Specifically, on Norwegian 787s, you are briefed: "In economy seats, reach for your mask. In premium seats, pull the streamer for the mask to drop the full distance." (source) Now the ...
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How often are passenger oxygen masks deployed?

In commercial passenger aviation, how frequent (or infrequent) is the case that oxygen masks deploy? Please include links to statistics.
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What is the possibility of a depressurization emergency during a commercial flight where all or some of the oxygen masks fail? [closed]

Can we calculate this? Or is it almost impossible?
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What can I do to save my life if oxygen masks fail to drop down? Is it possible?

What is the safest and fastest solution (method) in this situation?
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Why should passengers not delay donning emergency oxygen masks after they deploy from the overhead compartments?

Assumptions: The typical oxygen generator, on a plane, lasts twelve to twenty minutes. (Source: Even in the event of cabin decompression, the oxygen in the cabin does not disappear or ...
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Can you breathe with a drop down mask under water?

Say a passenger jet lands in the ocean. Could the captain being the last person to get off the jet use the drop down dry chemical oxygen generators to breathe while checking for passengers? I know ...
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Do cockpit panels have an indication that oxygen masks in cabin have been deployed?

Do cockpit panels have an indication that oxygen masks in cabin have been deployed for Pilot information?
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