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Questions tagged [oblique-wing]

A type of variable-geometry wing where the wings pivot around a single mounting, such that, for high-speed flight, one wing is swept forwards and the other is swept backwards.

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Why do oblique-wing aircraft suffer from significant aerodynamic cross-coupling?

Oblique-winged aircraft (which have one long wing that pivots around a central point, so that the wing is straight at low speeds but strongly-swept - one side forwards, the other side back - at high ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of an oblique wing over a swing wing?

This question asks about the benefits of an oblique wing over a delta wing, but I am more interested in the benefits of an oblique wing compared to a swing wing. Wikipedia states: This is a ...
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What are the benefits of a pivot wing?

The answer to another question mentions the rather unusual pivot wing. From an aerodynamical standpoint, what are the benefits of an oblique wing compared to a delta, a trapezoid or a forward swept ...
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