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Questions tagged [nuclear-propulsion]

Questions about the (currently-hypothetical) use of nuclear power for aircraft propulsion. Questions about reactor design in general are off-topic here.

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Would a plane similar to a Lockheed Cl-1201 that is capable of deploying jets mid-air be practical in modern day military use?

In the late 1960s Lockheed was reportedly looking into making a massive nuclear-powered jet plane capable of staying in the air for around 41 days and also capable of carrying up to 22 fighter ...
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Would it be practical that nuclear-powered seaplane (only flying low over the sea) or hovercraft can be an alternative to cargo plane or ship? [duplicate]

Would it be feasible that nuclear-powered seaplane (only flying very low over the sea) or nuclear-powered hovercraft can be an alternative to cargo planes or ships? The aircraft speed can reach 200 mi/...
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How feasible is a nuclear powered lighter-than-air vehicle that uses steam as the lifting gas?

An interesting question was asked regarding the use of steam as a lifting gas for lighter-than-air vehicles here: What are pro/cons of steam as lifting gas for airships?. Many of the challenges with ...
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How did Northrop Grumman propose to make the Global Hawk nuclear powered?

Reading further after receiving this answer, I saw the section on nuclear power in the Wikipedia article on the Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk: Nuclear power Sandia National Laboratories and ...
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Why don't aircraft use nuclear propulsion?

Nuclear propulsion research for aircraft was abandoned during the 50's. Why wasn't it revived ever?
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