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Questions tagged [non-precision-approach]

Non-precision approaches are instrument approach procedures (IAPs) that do not include vertical guidance.

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Conducting a Precision Approach on a Non-Precision Runway - What are my limitations?

Let's take ILS, for example. As stated in the FARs, the minimum RVR for a CAT I ILS approach would be 2400ft (1/2 SM) for a runway that does not have TDZ and Centerline Lighting. So, that is one ...
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KIBM RNAV (GPS) 10 -- did I find a charting error, or what is the TERPS rationale for this?

I was looking at the RNAV (GPS) approach to runway 10 at Kimball, NE (KIBM): and was left wondering "How on earth could the straight-in visibility minima for approach categories C and D be lower than ...
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17 votes
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Is LPV considered a precision approach?

WAAS LPV approaches can have decision altitudes as low as 200 AGL, the same as many Cat I ILS approaches. Previous opinions on the Internet have quoted the FAA as saying LPV is considered a non-...
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Why is there a difference between the procedural track heading and final approach course at Fort Hood (KGRK)?

Looking at the NDB RWY 15 into Fort Hood/Killeen, why is the procedural track from OKEST showing a heading of 151 degrees when the final approach course heading is 150 degrees. Is that simply a typo? ...
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Do instrument approach procedures sometimes have a minimum temperature?

Non-precision instrument approaches generally have altitude restrictions which get lower when you get closer to the airport. I always figured these restrictions were AMSL using the current altimeter ...
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When flying a circling approach, is it permitted to begin the visual circling segment prior to the final approach fix?

If it were a beautiful sunny VFR day and you were cleared for a circling approach, can you begin the circle prior to the final approach fix/circling DH in order to maneuver visually to land? Here are ...
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How to calculate the vertical profile for a LOC only approach?

I am kind of stuck for calculating a descent path on the ILS RWY 7 approach into KORL. Assuming the glide slope is not available and you have to use the localizer only, what is the best way to ...
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