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Non-precision approaches are instrument approach procedures (IAPs) that do not include vertical guidance.

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Do instrument approach procedures sometimes have a minimum temperature?

Non-precision instrument approaches generally have altitude restrictions which get lower when you get closer to the airport. I always figured these restrictions were AMSL using the current altimeter ...
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Is LPV considered a precision approach?

WAAS LPV approaches can have decision altitudes as low as 200 AGL, the same as many Cat I ILS approaches. Previous opinions on the Internet have quoted the FAA as saying LPV is considered a non-...
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When flying a circling approach, is it permitted to begin the visual circling segment prior to the final approach fix?

If it were a beautiful sunny VFR day and you were cleared for a circling approach, can you begin the circle prior to the final approach fix/circling DH in order to maneuver visually to land? Here are ...
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Why is radar required on some FAA instrument approaches?

The ILS / LOC approach at KCXY states radar is required. I understand I can't fly the approach if not in radar contact. However, if flying the LOC approach I think I can identify both final and HORVI (...
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How to determine the MAP for an RNAV MDA approach?

On this RNAV approach plate, what is the missed approach point for the LNAV MDA approach? How do you arrive at this answer?
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When to go missed on a non-precision approach?

I am training to get my instrument rating and I have come across a confusing point. I understand that, when flying a precision approach, you go missed upon reaching the decision height for that ...
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Why do some non-precision approaches have stepdown fixes after the final approach fix?

Some of the non-precision approaches have a stepdown fix after the final approach fix. My understanding of a stepdown fix with an altitude restriction is that it is to keep you clear of obstacles ...
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What is the difference between ILS and VOR/DME?

I have wondered many times about the difference between VOR/DME and ILS and which one is better for carrying out approaches. Why do pilots use VOR/DME when the ILS is a better option because it is ...
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Does the A320's FMC automatically adjust the rate of descent on a non-precision approach?

Does the A320's FMC automatically adjust the rate of descent on a non-precision approach? Like a back course approach for example if the distance to altitude is (or can be) programmed in?
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When do I execute a missed approach on a LOC approach when I can't identify the MAP?

According to AIM 5.4.21(b): When an early missed approach is executed [...] fly the IAP as specified on the approach plate to the MAP at or above the MDA or DH before executing a turning ...
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Why is there no Maltese Cross in this non-precision approach chart which has a FAF?

I am wondering why this chart does not show the FAF with a maltese cross as it is used in non-precision approaches to depict FAF. The chart’s briefing strip refers to D6.0 as the FAF and on the plan ...
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Why don't the Altitude-DME values in the approach profile match the Groundspeed-FPM values in the conversion table?

Why don't the Altitude-DME values in the approach profile match the Groundspeed-FPM values in the conversion table? When the calculation is made with the values given in the conversion table, the ...
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Can Instrument Approaches be carried out when RVR is not given for the full runway length? (Approach Ban)

Bristol Airport (EGGD) has the following NOTAM in place: INSTRUMENTED RVR RWY 27 STOPEND OUT OF SERVICE Would aircraft be allowed to continue approaches into Bristol? If so, would the touchdown and ...
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