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Questions tagged [noise]

Questions related to aviation sound noise or regulations thereof.

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In terms of noise, how does a steep climb-out compare to a noise abatement procedure?

For airports in populated areas, it is common to implement noise abatement procedures. In practice, this means that aircraft reduce thrust on departure, so that noise is reduced in proximity to the ...
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How do active blades work on helicopters?

Can someone throw some light on 'active blades' as used in helicopters? I'm mostly interested in the use of piezoelectric material and actuators. How are the actuators able to sense the change of ...
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Why would changes in jet-engine power settings not result in changes in engine loudness?

My casual AAR reading has dredged up another counterintuitive detail of aircraft behaviour, this time regarding the relationship between engine power and engine loudness: Sound Similar to ...
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F-16: MAIN PWR ticking sound, what is it?

What is that sound that starts when MAIN PWR switch is turned on in the F-16? Its sorta like a fast ticking sound. Why is it there, what makes it, when does it stop? And is it also there when only ...
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UK noise certificate for below 9000kg?

This is regarding UK regulation - The Air Navigation (Noise Certification) Order 1990. I am curious what is the reason of specify this particular upper weight limit here: "every propeller driven ...
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Could propellers benefit from the design of the Blue Edge rotor?

Source: If indeed the Blue Edge blades reduce noise by 50%, could the similar design be used on [forward-facing] propellers without a penalty in speed or agility?
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Cessna 152 rattling/clanking noise in tail?

Going on a flight in a c152. Upon taxiing we hear a relatively loud and noticeable clanking/banging noise from what sounds like the tail. Never heard it before till this flight. Upon takeoff the noise ...
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