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For questions regarding flying in conditions without natural lighting.

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4 answers

Can spatial disorientation in low visibility situations lead a pilot to fly upside down?

In this comment it's mentioned that pilots in instrument conditions may wind up in a situation where they're inverted due to spatial disorientation, and be completely unaware of it until they fly out ...
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During night flying, which color lens for a flashlight is most beneficial?

I went on a night flight tonight after not flying for a few months. I didn't have any monochrome lights, so I actually just covered a flashlight of mine with red athletic tape (which acted as a ...
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How hard is it to fly with night vision goggles?

I was talking to a Sheriff's Department helicopter pilot and he was saying they fly around at night with night vision goggles. I know the military does too. What are some of the considerations that ...
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What is the EASA definition of night time?

EASA requires pilots to log separately night time and night landings in the personal logbook. Now, I'm not sure in which period of time a landing is a night landing and flight time is night flight ...
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