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Questions tagged [night-flying]

For questions regarding flying in conditions without natural lighting.

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Night VFR in France

I would like to conduct a night VFR in France and I am looking for the special regulations (references) for the following questions If an airport is approved for night VFR and nothing is mentioned ...
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Are there FAA approved infrared night vision devices we could use in case of engine failure at night in IFR conditions?

Terrible situation. Your single engine on your general aviation aircraft fails. You are flying at night, no airports nearby enough to land at and patchy fog causing Instrument Meteorological ...
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What is the first fighter jet aircraft which carried out a night bombing mission?

Does anyone know in which occasion it was carried out and the date which it was carried out? Night bombing began in World War I and was widespread during World War II. A number of modern aircraft ...
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What lights to use for a high-altitude weather balloon?

I am designing a high-altitude weather balloon for a college project. The balloon may fly at night, which means that, per FAA regulations, I need a light that is visible for 5 miles. Does anyone ...
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EASA FCL Clarification (FCL.810 Night Rating)

I'm having an argument whether I can file a Z Flight plan from a non-instrument aerodrome to an instrument one at night to collect hours for the night rating. FCL.810 requires ..a training course .. ...
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