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Do Blended Wing Bodies produce more induced drag compared to a conventional tube and wing design? Does this affect its performance?

Blended wing bodies can produce more lift by its aerofoil configuration. It has been shown to produce up to a 30% decrease in fuel burn due to its additional lift, compared to a tube and wing plane. ...
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How would you know if there was an AD issued for an aircraft?

How would I know if an AD was issued? Is this information only given to owners of the aircraft? Or must you sign up with the FAA or Manufacturing company to get emails about that sort of thing?
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Is the 777X actually the newest Boeing plane?

I don't think the 777X is actually the newest Boeing plane (in april 2020), since it's only a new variant of a previous Boeing plane. So the actual newest plane would belong to the 787, since it's the ...
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Is the passenger capacity of the A350 really only 250 pax?

I read online that the capacity of an A350 was 250 passengers, but I took the max cabin width and length of an A350-900XWB, and I ended up with a 400 passenger capacity in a 4-class layout. Economy ...
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Do planes depreciate like cars? [duplicate]

Let's say I was in the market for buying a Cessna. What benefits would buying a new Cessna have over an older one? With cars, the resale value does hit a floor as long as it is safe to drive. Are ...
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What documentation do Airbus/Boeing supply at initial delivery of an aircraft?

What are the Aircraft Documents supplied by Boeing and/or Airbus at first delivery? Do they supply Form 8130 or Certificates of Compliance for every part? Or is the AIR/ARL all that is supplied?
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Why does Airbus continue with the A330-800neo despite only having 6 orders?

Airbus rolled out the first Airbus A330-800neo out of the paint shop last week (see press release). Until now, this type has only six orders by one airline (U.S. Hawaiian Airlines, who switched ...
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What would it take to bring a more efficient lifting-body airplane design (possibly a BWB) to commercial market? [duplicate]

I know that the MAIN reason Boeing and Airbus are held back on this is the development costs. It costs a lot to even develop a slightly new design, let alone mass manufacturing it. But that's the ...
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What is the production status of the Pipistrel Panthera as of March 2017?

What is the production status of the Pipistrel Panthera? They had plans to start production in 2016/2017 but nothing new has been published in the last two years.
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Why do you need airplane mode on a device for a plane trip? [duplicate]

I'm about to take a plane trip to my dads house but I'm just curious why you must have airplane mode on? I'm no aviation master here, just looking for information.
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What's the breakdown of total development cost for the various components of an aircraft? [closed]

Can someone please explain citing an example Aircraft an approximate breakdown of the cost incurred in developing each part of the aircraft( fuselage, engine choices) and other things like ...
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Why doesn't the landing gear get raised on the first flight of a new airplane?

This image shows the A350 first takeoff high in the air and the landing gear is still down. Why didn't they retract it?
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