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Are manned balloons allowed to land anywhere?

From time to time, quite spectacular videos turn up from hot air balloons landing in unusual or even quite tight spots, such as on a soccer field in Vlijmen, on a road in Nijkerk, or even on a small ...
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Is the ATC of the lower and upper areas of the Netherlands combined or segregated?

I am simulating the capacity of the Netherlands airspace by using the sector capacity. But I am wondering for different height, the capacity works for both or a single level. Therefore, I want to ...
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Which authority is responsible for RT licensing in the Netherlands?

Which authority does issue the separate RT license for pilots in the Netherlands? I had a conversation with Netherlands CAA and they could not help me.
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What is the minimal landing area required for an EC135 air medical services helicopter?

The Netherlands has a few Eurocopter EC135s for air medical services. (See Wikipedia.) How much clear landing space is required (either theoretically, practically or regulatory) for these?
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