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A type of navigation beacon that does not broadcast directional information, but, instead, must be located by figuring out the direction from which the NDB's signal is strongest.

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IAF is part of the hold at an uncontrolled aerodrome. Is the racetrack procedure necessary?

I am studying instrument approaches and I am not quite sure about this particular NDB-based approach procedure. Particularly, in regards to two things that, in my head, are conflicting: "Direct ...
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How to identify a NDB on a garmin 430W or GTN650?

I have a Garmin 430W and a GTN 650 interfaced with a G500H in my aircraft. I can program either to go direct to an NDB. The question comes as to whether or not I can identify the navaid. Reading ...
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Station Passage for an NDB

I read somewhere that the first station passage for an NDB holding pattern is when the bearing pointer passes the 90 degree index. Then the document went on to say that for subsequent crossing of the ...
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What is the point of modulating an adf loop antenna output with a voltage switching source through a balanced modulator?

In the block diagram I found for the ADF system, there is a balanced modulator fed with the output signal from the ADF loop antenna and a 47Hz signal from a switching source. What does the output from ...
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What is the difference between unserviceable, unusable, and not maintained?

Here are some NOTAMS for a recent flight I was planning: ...
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Why is the treatment of magnetic variation different for NDB and VOR?

Why in solving numerals of NDB and VOR, do we apply variation at the station in case of VOR and at the aircraft in case of NDB?
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What are the ANT and ADF modes on an NDB receiver?

I am seeing this in a simulator, so I don't have a manual for it… On the Bendix King KR87 NDB receiver, the leftmost button labelled “ADF” switches an indicator above it from “ANT” to “ADF” When ...
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How does the heading selector on the ADF work?

How does the ADF indicator work in terms of pointing the needle in the direction of the NDB signal? I understand that the ADF needle points towards the direction of the NDB signal for a given ...
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What am I doing wrong in this RBI exercise?

The GYRO indicates the flight direction of the aircraft. The RBI indicates where the non-directional beacon(a location on ground that’s sending the plane signals) is located.  Top of the RBI is ...
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How do I calculate drift based on NDB readings?

An aircraft is to track from NDB A to NDB B. The RMI of NDB B reads 357 & RMI of NDB A reads 177. The aircraft is: A: Drifted left of track B: Drifted right of track C: On track I think it is 'C' ...
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What is meant by Manual Tuning of ADF/NDB using BFO? [duplicate]

As NDB transmission is either N0NA1A(requires BFO to be turned on for Manual Tuning, Identification and Monitoring) or N0NA2A(BFO turned on only for Manual Tuning). My question is what exactly is ...
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What is the difference between a non-directional signal and an omidirectional signal from a radio aid?

NDB's are non directional and VOR's are omnidirectional. What is the difference between a signal that is non directional and a signal that is omidirectional, if any?
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What is the difference between an Non-Directional Beacon and a Compass Locator Beacon?

What is the difference between a Non-Directional Beacon and a Compass Locator Beacon?
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How can I determine the relative bearing to an NDB using the G1000?

For using an NDB, a pilot should know to MH+RB=MH. But I have never seen a relative bearing displayed in the G1000. Could you let me know where to see the relative bearing in the G1000?
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How do I find the magnetic bearing to the station in this question?

In my PPL trial test, I have the following question regarding an NDB: Consult Figure 3, Illustration 6. On a magnetic heading of 160°, the magnetic bearing to the station is: 045° 205° ...
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