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North Atlantic Tracks entry and exit points

Are the actual locations of the North Atlantic Tracks entry and exit points published anywhere? I'm looking for definition (latitude, longitude) of the entry and exit points for North Atlantic Tracks.
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Why is UTC activation time referred to 30W in NAT-OTS?

I am reading the NORTH ATLANTIC OPERATIONS AND AIRSPACE MANUAL and I came across the following statement more than once during my reading: The activation time of the westbound OTS shall be ...
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How are NATs connected to European Airways?

The North Atlantic Tracks connect Northern Europe to North America. To enter/exit NATs over North America, the North American Routes (NARs) are used. Questions: What about the European side? What are ...
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Where to download NAT Track Message (original and official source)? [duplicate]

I am studying about North Atlantic tracks. I know the message is usually distributed to interested parties via AFTN and is published by Shanwick or Gander. I would also like to get such information ...
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Where to download NATs (North Atlantic Tracks) information?

I am reading about NATs (North Atlantic Tracks) and I found out they are created and regulated by the following entities: westbound flow: Shanwick Oceanic Control eastbound flow: Gander Oceanic ...
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Where to find historical locations of North Atlantic Tracks?

I'm looking for historical, daily locations of the North Atlantic Track (NAT, published daily as NOTAM) system for the past 10/20 years. I've already contacted what feels like dozens of organizations ...
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Are there aircraft exemptions for CPDLC in the NAT area?

Another question lists the aircraft that are exempt from the EASA CPDLC rule. Is there a similar exemption for aircraft operating in the North Atlantic?
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