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Questions tagged [multi-engine]

Aircraft equipped with more than one engine.

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What is the aerodynamic influence of prop spacing and placement in multi-prop engine setups

I saw this question Is there a rule of thumb for spacing between jet engines?, which referred to How do you choose engine placement for under wings engines?, but I was wondering how the engine spacing ...
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Would throttle steering of a forward-swept-winged aircraft be possible?

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, given the number of crashes that had to occur for us to figure it out), the use of throttle manipulation to control an airliner with disabled primary flight ...
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Why do some multi-engine aircraft have accelerate-go distance in their performance charts and some don’t?

I'm curious about why some airplanes have accelerate-stop distance (ASD) and accelerate-go distance (AGD) in their performance charts and some don’t include that. Does anyone know why?
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Rating Title Differences with ICAO CPL

I graduated from an integrated ATPL programme in Turkey. Rating part of my CPL is comprised of two lines. Goes like: IR/ME Valid until ... MEP(land) Valid until.. However, my friend from my class(with ...
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