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A large hunter-killer UAV built by General Atomics, which first entered service in 2007.

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How is the control surface configuration of predator/reaper for redundancy system?

In commercial aircraft like Airbus or Boeing, there are several control surfaces that work in the same function such as for roll control capability, the control surfaces are aileron and spoiler. Also ...
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What is the purpose of the vertical splitter and the NACA duct at the MQ-9 Reaper engine scoop?

The engine scoop/intake on the MQ-9 features a vertical splitter at the inlet face, as well as another smaller NACA duct on the top cowl surface just aft of the inlet lip. I am guessing the former ...
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What airfoil design does the MQ-9 Reaper UAV use?

What airfoil design does the MQ-9 Reaper UAV use? Alternatively, what similar airfoil designs exist? I'm running simulations for the effects of vortex generators for a school project and I would ...
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