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The mixture ratio of an engine is the amount of air used for burning a given quantity of fuel; spark-ignition piston engines use different mixture ratios for different phases of flight.

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22 votes
3 answers

Carbureted Rotax engines have no mixture control, how do they handle less dense air?

Rotax engines have no mixture control, yet they don't seem to have any more problems than other engines at altitude. How do they handle the lower air density in order to not get a too rich a mixture?
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21 votes
3 answers

How does the mixture of an engine affect the engine's operation?

I know that in most piston aircraft that there is a mixture control for the engine. My question is, how does the mixture control affect the engine's operation and what type of situations dictate a ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What is the relationship between fuel mixture, throttle setting and engine temperature?

I'm trying to understand the relationship between mixture, throttle, and engine temp. In this article from AOPA, it states ... a lean mixture of 16 to 1 is not going to burn as hot as a rich mixture ...
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