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How much of the Mig 25 utilized vacuum tubes?

I've often heard that because the Soviet Union lagged behind in integrated circuit development, they built their fighters to rely less on them compared to NATO and American platforms. The Mig25 is ...
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Did every X-15 pilot become weightless when flying into the upper strato- and mesosphere?

The North American X-15 was aimed at breaking airspeed and altitude records. The flights that sought to achieve new airspeed records (Mach 5+) were rather leveled but the flights into the upper ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Why does the MiG-25 have silver-coated panels?

This is about the Mig-25. This documentary on youtube, @10:03, says: Special insulating panels had to be fitted to protect the area around the engines from overheating. The panels were silver-...
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Can stainless steel replace titanium for Mach 3+ speeds?

In the documentary Wings of Russia: MiG-25 and MiG-31, they mentioned both aircraft had to use special stainless steel alloys and arc welding to withstand the Mach 2.83 - 3.2 speeds. I couldn't help ...
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16 votes
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What are the differences between the MiG 31 and MiG 25 (if any)?

What are the differences between the MiG 31 and MiG 25, they look exactly the same, their overall performance the same. Is it the roles they were built for are different?
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