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Questions tagged [mig-15-17]

For questions about the pioneering MiG-15/17 family of first-generation fighter jets.

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2 answers

Why are the colors of the MiG-15's attitude indicator inverted?

Why are the colors of the MiG-15's attitude indicator inverted (blue on the ground side, brown on the sky side)? Source:
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Why do the MiG-15 and MiG-17 have a split air intake in their noses?

MiG-15 and MiG-17 both have a split air intake in their nose. However, they have only one jet engine. So why is the air intake split? Wouldn't it be a lot less drag to just let the intake flow ...
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What are the differences between the MiG-15 and MiG-17?

Apart from the extra wing fence and angled leading edge of the MiG-17, what are the differences visually between the two aircraft?
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Was there a design flaw in the fuel tanks of the MiG-15/17/19/21?

Wikipedia article on MiG-15: Another major design deficit was that the tank could develop under-pressure if more than half the fuel had been used, which could easily lead to tank implosions, ...
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Why does the MiG-15 have a cruciform tail?

The horizontal stabilizers of the MiG-15 are halfway up the tail. This is called a cruciform tail. Why did they put them there? Why not a T-tail or the normal tail where the stabilizers are on the ...
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What was the yearly number of MiG-15's produced?

Wikipedia's article on the MiG-15 only states a basic number of 12,000 produced natively, with up to 6,000 more produced in other countries. But it does not list any years for this. When did mass-...
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Would an area-ruled fuselage improve the MiG-15/17's performance?

The top speed range of these MiG 15-17 airplanes is in the transonic region, but, when they were first designed, the area rule was unknown. Even if owning a jet fighter is not exactly 'Maintaining ...
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