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Questions tagged [mh17-accident]

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine on 17 July 2014

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Why didn't government regulators prevent MH17 from flying the route it took? [closed]

Why wasn't MH17 prevented by government regulators from flying the route it took? MH17 wasn't the first case of governments or combatants downing commercial aircraft: Iran Air Flight 655 and Korean ...
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What pieces of evidence do investigators have access to in the MH17 crash investigation?

In September 2014, Dutch investigators published a preliminary report for the MH17 crash. I understand they based there report on radar records, CVR, FDR and photos and thus can only say the flight ...
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Is it possible for an SU-25 to fly high enough to shoot down a Boeing 777?

A common theory from pro-Russian netizens surrounding the MH-17 tragedy is that it was a Ukrainian Sukhoi SU-25 ground attack plane that shot down the civilian airliner. However, the MH-17 was flying ...
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Why wasn't MH-17 flying at 33,000ft before it entered Ukrainian airspace?

I was looking at the path of the MH-17 flight that crashed in the Ukraine on FlightRadar24 and noticed it was flying at FL310 (31,000ft), then because of the Ukrainian NOTAM which went up to FL320 (32,...
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