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Use for medical evacuation aircraft and procedures.

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2 answers

Can a private pilot flying a passenger to a hospital use a MEDEVAC callsign?

Normal air ambulance flights in medical emergency situations use a callsign consisting of the word "MEDEVAC" followed by the registration number excluding the prefix (e.g. N912MF is "...
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Could medevac/air ambulance flights take off during the NOTAM system disruption?

While the NOTAM system was down on the morning of January 11, 2023, was there a way for medical flights to take off legally and safely?
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Can a pilot fly past their 12 hour "Regularly Scheduled Duty Day" of 135.267(c) if they stay within the legal 14 hour max limit?

Can a pilot who is assigned a regularly assigned duty day under .267(c) of 12 hours, be assigned a flight on the 12th hour (right before they would normally go home) which would cause the pilot to fly ...
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How long before a Medivac should the pilots be ready?

If you are on home reserve how long is it required that the operator notify you of a flight before required Take off time? Is there a regulation or documentation to support this or is it operators ...
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What callsigns do UK Medical Emergency Response Teams use?

I'm making a simulation game and there's a large focus on the humanitarian effort military personnel put in, putting aside the shooting and more on the story. Part of this is a Medical Emergency ...
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Is medical evacuation aircraft D-AIGZ "Robert Koch" protected against decompression?

In 2014, Lufthansa engineers converted a A340 into a medical evacuation aircraft specially equipped to carry contagious patients, e.g. with Ebola fever (D-AIGZ, "Robert Koch", msn 347). This aircraft ...
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Can pilots use PAN PAN Medical, even if they were not on MedEvac mission?

If there is a medical emergency on board, on a passenger or crew member, will the crew be cleared to use PAN PAN/MAYDAY MEDICAL on their R/T? Is there any DOC in which regulates these phraseology?
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What callsign would a medical emergency flight use?

I see medical emergency helicopters taking off and landing several times a day from the hospital near my office. As I understand from an earlier question, they are probably flying VFR, below ...
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