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A widebody trijet airliner produced by McDonnell Douglas, and, later, Boeing, from 1988 through 2000.

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"Left overspeed" on MD-11

The MD-11 has an overspeed and a left overspeed call-out alarms. This is different from the modern planes counterparts, in which a tick-tick-tick sound is used instead. What does left overspeed even ...
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In this MD-11 stall test video, are we seeing the tail stalling first?

Watching this short stall test video for the MD-11, one can notice obvious buffeting (starting at about 0:04) of the tail section, while at the same time – at least apparently – there doesn't seem to ...
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What is this thing on a FDX MD11 (MD10?)?

I assume something forward looking; not sure why there and how they got this to play nicely with radar
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What is this device on the nose of an MD-11? [duplicate]

In the following photo there is some sort of cover or opening (for an optical device I assume) on the nose cone. What is this and what is the system behind it? (link to source)
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Best Practices when removing/inspecting/mounting control surfaces?

I am looking for a better way to essentially "mount" the control surfaces from a Boeing 737-747-777-787 and MD-11's. The current process is to just remove them and strap to a table. The issues with ...
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Do MD-11 pilots ever use flaps 50?

I'm curious if there is ever a purpose to use full flaps like that? Was it a bit of an overkill?
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Is the MD-11's third engine slightly nose up?

From my visual inspection, the third engine (the engine on the horizontal stabilizer) is slightly "nose up", especially compared to the engines on the wing. That means, the front part of the engine is ...
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What is this object on an MD-11?

There is something above the engine on the tail of this MD-11: What is that? Source
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Why is the DC10/MD11 center engine placed where it is?

While reading this question about trijets I started wondering why the center engine in the DC10 and MD11 where placed where they are. Most trijets have the center engine at the very back of the ...
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