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For questions about any United States Marine Corps aircraft carrying the President of the United States.

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According to which rule, the maritime patrol aircraft are categorized?

Generally, maritime patrol missions are conducted by several types of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft according to its endurance, capabilities and other features such as weapons, sensors ...
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Is the CV-22 / MV-22 Osprey classified as a helicopter, plane or both?

Is the CV-22 / MV-22 Osprey classified as a helicopter, plane or both? If the President had to hitch a ride on one, would it become Airforce One (CV-22) or Marine One (MV-22)?
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What happens if Marine One's rotor blades fail?

While I was reading news, I came across this image of Marine One: This is Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Citation of Image 1 Citation of Image 2 On a closer look, I see there are two big exhausts just ...
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What call sign does Marine One use when the President is not on board?

How would the pilot of Marine One identify himself to air traffic control without the President on board? Does it have an N-number? If anyone knows, I would like a specific call sign/N-number of any ...
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Do presidential aircraft use additional call signs?

From the answer to another question I learned that the call sign Air Force One (or Marine One, Navy One or Executive One) is transferred immediately to the aircraft currently carrying the president of ...
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