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Can the F-35 (and F-22) do the Kvochur Bell maneuver?

Can the F-35 (and F-22) do the Kvochur Bell maneuver? Surprisingly I didn’t find much about this on google. (Might’ve searched for the wrong thing though)
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What is the maximum pitch achievable in a medium-powered airplane?

One of the answers to this question proposes a maneuver in which the plane is pointed almost vertically. Obviously, an aircraft with a high thrust-to-weight ratio can achieve this simply by climbing, ...
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Why do some planes drift to the left in flight simulators?

In different flight sims I've experienced the same effect on certain planes: when accelerating on the runway, the plane drifts to the left as if the rudder was set to yaw left. You can counter this by ...
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What is the minimum bank angle that an older aircraft like the Cessna 172 can apply in a coordinated turn?

Suppose the weather conditions are favorable and there are no significant winds. The Cessna with a speed of 200km/h starts a coordinated turn with a bank angle of 0.1° The turning radius of this ...
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Would it be frowned upon that with a uncommanded nose up, the pilots just do a full loop?

So what I’m asking is that if a uncommanded nose pitch up happened and was so bad that it reached a pitch angle of 50 degrees, the pilots were unable to stop the pitch up by applying the control ...
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Can cold thrusters/roll posts be used to control/stabilize an aircraft (like a satellite)?

Aircraft use control surfaces to control their motion/direction. Would it be a good idea (i.e., more efficient, less weight, better responsiveness, less drag, etc.) to use thrusters/roll posts to ...
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What is the input range of common fly-by-wire controls?

What's the range that typical fly-by-wire controls (let's take A320 and B777 as examples) allow inputs in? The A320 controls in the y-axis of the side stick (forward/backward axis) the g load - what'...
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How can one calculate the maximum instantaneous bank angle a plane can do in a certain time? [duplicate]

I know that there is a limitation to do an instantaneous banking angle a plane can do. These limitations are due to the airplane (infrastructure - aerodynamics) and limitation on the pilot (due to his ...
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What are the relations between stability, controllability and maneuverability?

As preparation for my CFI checkride I have been trying to understand aerodynamics very well. One of the things I’m struggling with is stability If I have a stable aircraft, this means is less ...
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Minimum turning radius (or maximum banking angle) of a commercial airplane [duplicate]

The context of the work: in an ATC model, we currently have a graph model to set the routes for different aircraft. We want to improve its precision by generating more nodes for each route and in ...
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Where can I find reliable data on maximum turn rates for jet fighters?

I'm looking for reliable data on maximum instantaneous turn rates for jet fighters, something coming from reliable sources, ideally official flight manuals or specifications. I can't seem to find ...
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Why are high-g requirements so important for training next generation of fighter pilots?

Background In the development of T-X program, a major step has been the refining of the technical requirements, in particular this "sustained G" maneuver: The sustained G maneuver shall be flown ...
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Is the Suntoucher CG too far aft?

I acknowledge my very limited understanding of flight mechanics, but at first sight something tells me that the CG of the Suntoucher solar aircraft concept lies too far before the main wing and the ...
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Why maneuverability and top speed are still issues in 5th generation air superiority fighter jets [duplicate]

In a previous question someone asked why do modern fighter jet speeds decrease compared to older fighter jets, and someone hinted that nowadays top speed is not a factor considering modern rockets ...
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How can the canard configuration increase the aircraft's maneuverability? [duplicate]

I know that in many of the fighter jets, there are canard configurations like in F16, SAAB Gripen etc and heard they increase the aircraft's maneuverability. Can anyone explains how a canard helps in ...
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