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For questions regarding aviation and its regulations in Malaysia.

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In Malaysia, can someone become a LAME through self study rather than training school?

Is it possible for someone to self study (without attending a training school) and individually sit for the exams required in order to become a B1 or B2 LAME in Malaysia?
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I have bad eyesight, can I still be a commercial pilot in Malaysia?

So, I have really bad eyesight (short-sighted): without my glasses, I can't read text unless it's near. So can I be a commercial pilot?
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Does it exist? Environmentally-friendly/safe fluorescent liquid to make sea crashes easier to find? [closed]

Has this been tried in aviation history? To make airplane sea crashes easier to find, can we use a colored liquid that is lighter than water, environmentally-friendly and safe, with fluorescent ...
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What job opportunities are there for low time pilots in Malaysia?

Does a new pilot who has just obtained ATPL license has job opportunities? When I search at pilot job offered on Internet, they mostly required more than 3,500+ flying hours. What I knew about those ...
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