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A dangerous change in an aircraft's pitching tendency at transonic speeds; also known as "tuck-under".

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Could an airliner exceed Mach 1 in a zero-G power dive and safely recover?

(I looked for duplicates. I really did.) Being as it is that "safety" and this are mutually exclusive: I am stupid. I take a cruising A320, apply TOGA power, and push zero Gs until I exceed ...
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Why this P-51 limitations placard for diving?

I noticed that this placard has different diving speeds related to altitud. My guess is that those values are a safety speed to prevent going into regions close to Mach 1. I know that the speed of ...
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Why do 20-series Learjets have such an extreme susceptibility to mach tuck?

Mach tuck is a change (usually nosedown) in an aircraft’s pitching tendency during transonic flight relative to its pitching tendency in below-transonic flight, caused by the appearance of areas of ...
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Are there any airliner crashes that can be definitively attributed to Mach tuck?

Mach tuck (the tendency of aircraft to develop an increasingly nose-down pitching moment at speeds above its critical mach number) caused a number of crashes of high-speed fighter aircraft before the ...
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How does the pitching moment change as the speed of A/C approaches critical Mach number?

In an aircraft performance course, I saw that pitching moment goes backwards as the speed of A/C approaches critical Mach number. In fact, that results in nose down pitching moment. But, according to ...