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Use for the various Mach numbers, e.g. critical, cruise, etc., and the related instruments and sensors

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How do swept back wings delay shock wave

Swept back wings can delay the formation of shock wave and increase the aircraft critical mach number of the aircraft, right? But how
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Is it possible to calculate Calibrated Airspeed from True Airspeed, Temp, and Pressure Altitude? [duplicate]

Looking at a digital E6B, there is a function for calculating CAS that I am trying to recreate and program myself. Inputs: Pressure Altitude Temp in Celcius True Airspeed Outputs: CAS Mach # ...
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How can TAS be calculated from indicated temperature and Mach number? [duplicate]

Situation I am working on programming my own E6B while I learn more about aviation, but I have run into some confusion. Two pairs of the equations are very similar except for using true or indicated ...
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Does Indicated Stall speed increase with altitude (Coffin Corner)?

It is my understanding that Indicated Stall speed is mostly constant with altitude, the one that increases is True Stall Speed. Given that PFD show speed as IAS, how come the yellow speed range ...
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What's the relationship between mach number and drag force on an airplane?

From what i've read drag coefficient at mach 1 is several times (up to 10x) the drag coefficient below drag divergence mach number. It drops as the mach number increases. It's easy to find plots ...
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Who was the first person to break the sound barrier?

While watching this video on Wikipedia of Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier in the Bell X-1 in level flight, I noticed the narrator say: "For the first time, except in dive, a man has flown ...
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The SR-71 flew at 2193 mph. Mathematically, how can this be Mach 3.3?

Virtually every time I read about the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (including other threads on this forum), I see that its speed record is listed as approximately $2193$ mph. The same blurb will ...
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Cruise Mach Number less or more than Critical Mach Number

Do commercial airplanes cruise at Mach number higher than the critical Mach number? And what is the critical Mach number of airplanes like B777 or A330?
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What prevents a Machmeter from being the standard airspeed indicator?

Airspeed is more accurate when displayed by a Machmeter than when displayed by an airspeed indicator. It isn't affected by ambient temperature / density changes. It is still affected by position error,...
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What is the reason for changing the speed reference (IAS or Mach number) with altitude?

Inspired by that question: How is the airspeed-Mach number transition handled in modern airliners? When pressure and density decrease IAS also decreases. When temperature and pressure/density ...
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Is the Mach number shown by an Air Data Computer considered a "true" Mach number?

I am trying to find more information on "true" vs. "indicated" Mach number (not airspeed). I've found older fighter aircraft manuals online that have a conversion chart from one to the other, but the ...
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