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The German national airline, operating mixed Boeing & Airbus aircraft globally.

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What is this Lufthansa passenger jet plane, based on these three photos?

I took a plane in February 2006 from Lufthansa, I think it was an Airbus A340 but not so sure. Can someone help me identify exactly this plane? (Don't mind the ostrich) Here is the outside of the ...
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What is that yellow square to the right of the main entry door of this Lufthansa A350?

My question is: is it just part of the paint job, or does this yellow square serve a purpose? I haven't seen this square on any other airlines.
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Is there still a minimum height required for becoming a Lufthansa pilot?

basically what the title says. Do I still need to be at least 165 cm to become a pilot or has this changed? There is no limit stated at their website but they also don't tell you that there is no ...
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What is this plane, based on its inside shape?

I'm not sure my question is valid here but would be very helpful to me. Here is the picture of the inside of a plane (don't mind the ostrich). Does anyone know which plane it is? The flight number ...
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Possible reason for diverting domestic flight to a distant country [closed]

I have just spotted something weird (at least to me) on Flightradar24. A Lufthansa domestic flight from Munich to Frankfurt flying toward... Warsaw in Poland: My first, and quite obvious conclusion ...
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Did the NSDAP help to fund Lufthansa?

During WWII, a number of German companies received financial backing and slave labourers from the government at the time. Companies such as Hugo Boss, Volkswagen and Lufthansa. A thread on Airliners....
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What was 'Lufthansa Express'?

I found this picture earlier with a Lufthansa express livery: It also appears to have been on a few larger aircraft like the A300: Could somebody enlighten me as to what this operation was or the ...
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