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A long distance flight that lasts six hours or longer.

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Definition of long-haul flight

Who determined the definition of what a "long-haul" flight is? By implication, this presupposes definitions of "short-haul" and possible "medium-haul"/"extra-long-...
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What is the slowest long haul commercial aircraft in service to this day? [closed]

I have been looking at planes used in routes for airlines to see which model was the slowest.But I still don’t know which aircraft is the slowest. Edit: long haul meaning: SFO-HND Also, only passenger....
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Do planes depreciate like cars? [duplicate]

Let's say I was in the market for buying a Cessna. What benefits would buying a new Cessna have over an older one? With cars, the resale value does hit a floor as long as it is safe to drive. Are ...
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How might one fly from KRYN to SDRS in a de Hallivand DHC-6 Twin Otter?

First of all, this is not a flight I'm attempting myself; it's for a writing project. I myself have absolutely no knowledge at all of flight. The plane would depart from Ryan Airfield, Arizona (ICAO: ...
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Can a private pilot refuel his small private airplane internationally without passing through immigration or customs?

I've been a private pilot for many years, but I have never flown internationally in small private aircraft. I'm about to buy a tiny, high-tech, super-efficient 2-seat airplane that has extended range ...
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Why do extra flight crew members sit in the cockpit during takeoff/landing?

I have observed this many times for long haul flights where they have extra cockpit crew: during takeoff they all gather in the cockpit and then disperse to their rest areas. They meet again somewhere ...
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Are there any negative health indications from getting sea legs?

I recently completed a long XC and upon completion I suffered a bit from sea legs. The XC was for the 250nm requirement for my instrument rating and was performed in a C172. It took about 3.5hrs to ...
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Why did the flight Osaka -> Frankfurt circle above the airport after taking off from Osaka International?

When departing form Osaka International (KIX) the Osaka city passed below twice, the second time much lower. Looks like our 747-400 was circling up in spiral before heading a long way over Russia to ...
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Do overland long-haul flights have something similar to SELCAL?

This question will be regarding airlines, flying high altitudes. As with short flights, you are in contact with local controllers, then get passed off to enroute and local again. I am familiar with ...
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Can a pilot change out of uniform during breaks on a long flight?

How long is a pilot-in-command's break on ultra-, or long haul flights? Would they be required to keep the uniform on, or would they have the freedom to change out of uniform? Related: How do pilots ...
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Do low-cost airlines make more profit than luxury airlines? [closed]

I was watching this TV show and it said that currently low-cost airlines e.g. Ryanair/Easyjet make more cumulative profits than more expensive long haul airlines such as British Airways and Virgin ...
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What is the longest possible flight on earth? [closed]

If every place on earth had a runway. What would be the longest possible flight? What would the distance and flight time be? Between two point on the equator? Between the north and south pole? ...
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Why aren't there direct flights connecting Honolulu, Hawaii and London, UK?

London is by far my favorite city, and many people in Honolulu apparently feel the same. An old poll (5-6 years ago) said that 50% of polled people would go to London on that flight if it existed. The ...
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(Why) Do airliners travel together sometimes?

While browsing through the planes in FlightRadar (once again), I've noticed that sometimes some airliners from the same airline company seem to travel "together" on long distance flights to ...
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How do pilots fight jet lag?

Jet lag, medically referred to as desynchronosis and rarely as circadian dysrhythmia, is a physiological condition which results from alterations to the body's circadian rhythms resulting from ...
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What are the structural differences between short- and long-haul airplanes?

As I understand it, pressurization cycles introduce the most stress on an airframe so maintenance intervals are tied to it. However, not all planes are equal in that regard, a long haul flight in a ...
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