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Can I maintain my IR currency from the right seat in a non "N" registered aircraft?

I completed my IFR checkride on the 15th of May this year, the next day I moved to Spain to study my EASA ATPL (airline transport pilot license). A friend of mine here in Spain is doing his time ...
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Can I log CO-Pilot and Multi-Pilot hours as a safety pilot?

I am working for a UK airline as a First Officer. I have in my roster some flights where I am acting as safety pilot for FO's conducting line training. I am wondering if I can log my hours as CO-Pilot ...
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Can foreign military flying hours be counted towards an EASA ATPL in Hungary?

I'm an ex- Indian Air Force helicopter pilot with about 4000 hours of flying experience, including some 2500 hours as captain and about 500 hours as an instructor. Is there any means by which, I can ...
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PPL H - Previously logged hours from the past towards CAA and EASA after Brexit

I have 50+ student hours in rotorcraft from about 8 years ago in the UK under the CAA. I am now looking to restart training in Europe for a dual EASA and CAA license. I've been told that because my ...
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How does an airline pilot log P1U/S time under EASA regulations?

I am looking for the exact way to log P1 Under Supervision (P1U/S) time for Commercial Airline Pilots (FOs). I know as a fact that, as a Pilot Flying first officer, you can log up to 500 hours in ...
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What's the record for total commercial flight-hours?

Which airline pilot has the record for the highest number of total airline flight hours globally? I found an article on Ed Long who had over 65,000 hours, but I'm only interested in airline pilots (...
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Requirements for Logging practice Instrument approaches, (and holdings, and course interceptions) while in VMC

Does anyone know the FAA rational for requiring the second pilot on board to have access to a complete Fully functioning set of flight controls in order to act as safety observer for the purpose of ...
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Are the terms "Coupled approach" and "Hand flown approach" strictly defined?

I was looking on SE and also Google for the answer, but couldn't find anything. My question is when to log an approach as coupled or handflown? All of the approaches I fly are CAT I but the aircraft's ...
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Logging Instrument approach if if entering IMC past the FAF, but in VMC before and passing the FAF

Can an Instrument rated pilot log an instrument approach if entered IMC past the FAF to minimums but was VMC prior and just past the FAF? What is your source?
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Safety pilot logging PIC XC time

The FAA Legal Interpretation (Gebhart) makes it clear that if: Pilot A flies the whole XC flight (> 50 nm), including the enroute portion under the hood, and Pilot B acts as safety pilot enroute ...
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How to log Flight Training Device (FTD) and Full Flight Simulator (FFS) time in the US?

I just completed the ATP CTP Course in the US as a pre-requisite for taking the ATM Written Exam. During the course, according to the syllabus, I have flown 4 hours of B733 in a FTD (fixed-base) and 6 ...
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