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Questions tagged [lockheed-martin-x-59-quesst]

Use for the Lockheed Martin X-59 QueSST (Quiet SuperSonic Technology) experimental airplane

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How can the X-59 fly faster than the speed of sound without producing sonic booms? [duplicate]

Lately, NASA and Lockheed Martin revealed the X-59 which looks amazing. I read this article from NASA which already gives some insights of the X-59. The article claims that it will fly faster than the ...
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Engine Performance Data for GE F414-400

I am currently in Capstone for ASE, and for our course we have been tasked with reverse engineering the X-59 QueSST created by NASA and Lockheed Martin. I am the propulsion lead for our team and I ...
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Does the X-59 comply with the "area rule"?

The Lockheed Martin X-59 was rolled out yesterday :-) Brett Tingley, Watch NASA's sci-fi-looking X-59 'quiet' supersonic jet roll out of the hangar, August 2023. I am no expert here (and no English ...
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On video equipment used to help assemble the X-59

On 2020 Dec 14, NASA reported on Lockheed Martin's construction of the X-59. NASA’s supersonic X-59 assembly team marks wing milestone. The report's photos include an unexplained apparatus, ...
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How does the X-59 achieve low-noise supersonic flight?

By what mechanism or combination of mechanisms does the X-59 reduce the noise produced by its sonic boom? What are the design choices that led to this outcome? I really want to understand the issue ...
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