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Can anyone recommend me some aviation textbooks? [closed]

I don't go to school for aviation, just a hobby/interest of mine. Would like to learn about things like vortices, flow patterns, pitch stability, effects of wing planform, and any other related stuff. ...
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Sources for Aircraft Glide Ratio

I would like to gather data on the best glide ratio of different commercial aircraft. Unfortunately, it has proven non-trivial to obtain data aside from a few lucky examples. Eurocontrol's BADA gives $...
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Where can I find a list of rules of thumb formulas for navigation? [closed]

Is there any list of formulas for quick counting navigational parameters of the flight, if navigational computer is malfunctioned. For example, I need to recalculate how long can I fly, if the wind ...
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What are good resources for learning more about communications? [closed]

As title says, which book/web site/etc.. are available for learning proper communication (for Private Pilot License)?
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Book recommendations for learning how to fly? [closed]

With the success of this question, which asks about good books on aerodynamics, I thought I'd ask another general question regarding books that we can turn into a community wiki. What are good books ...
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What are good books to learn basic aerodynamics in plane design? [closed]

Well, since this stack is in beta, I thought I'd take a wack at asking a book question to see how it fits in this particular community (of if it even fits to begin with). I'm very curious about how ...