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The force acting on an aircraft in opposition to gravity which keeps the aircraft in the air.

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Streamline Curvature Theorem applied to Airfoils?

I am new to studying aerodynamics and taking up aeromodelling and am currently learning how lift is obtained in-depth. When studying the two common explanations as to how lift is generated by an ...
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How much could you increase lift using ailerons alone?

If a plane had ailerons that could be moved in the same direction, could the lift be increased by a non-negligible amount?
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Evaluating maximum TAS for a given available power

This is the original problem: A turboprop aircraft with a weight of 162 kN is equipped with a power plant with a power derating model described by $\frac{P_A}{P_{A,0}} = 0.9\sigma^{0.75}$, where $P_{...
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Is there any bibliography for triplane aircraft design?

I've been tasked with designing an RC aircraft that has the greatest lift force for a specified wingspan, total length and takeoff velocity, and thus have been studying the different wing ...
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What is the effect of wing flex on wing's airfoil shape and its performance effect on wing?

There are good amount of discussion on wing flex in this forum. I am more interested in understanding the effect of flex on aerofoil shape of the wing and its impact on flight performance. Do ...
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What is the relation between solidity and lift coefficients?

I've seen this graph in a couple of places. I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean, as the formulae I've seen in the papers cannot be found in any standard book or reference. Please let me know if ...
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How much lift can be generated by the intake lip of a duct?

How to calculate the extra lift gained by the intake lip of a duct? Aside from improving efficiency by preventing tip vortices, if a duct has a bell-shaped intake, this lip around the edge creates ...
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Where does the lift act on a B747-400 wing when the aircraft flies straight and level?

I'm doing a math exercise and I'd like to understand: Where does lift act overall on the wing of a B747-400 when the aircraft flies straight and level at its cruise speed. Which parameters, if any, ...
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How can the lift induced drag for a wing be calculated?

I have found a lot of information to calculate drag coefficients and I know that total drag can be calculated by $$ D = \frac{1}{2} \rho u^2 S C_d $$ However I was wondering, if I substitute the zero ...
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Calculate g's per radian

I'm currently attempting to assign handling qualities to the A-4D, and I would like to know how to find the term: $ n / \alpha = \overline{q} \times C_{L\alpha} / (W / S) $ where $C_{L\alpha}$ is ...
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wave drag: Lift coefficient in Korn's Equation

I have been using the Korn equation: $$ M_c = \frac{0.95}{cos(\lambda)}-\frac{t/c}{cos(\lambda)^2}-\frac{C_L}{10cos(\lambda)^3}-\sqrt[3]{\frac{0.1}{80}} $$ to estimate the critical mach number of a ...
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Can anyone explain lift before the experiment?

The sensors on the wing tell me lower pressure above the wing, the smoke visualization tells me the air stream is faster when flowing over the curve. But can anyone tell me why they behave like that ...
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How does a forward lifting surface affect ideal lift distribution of a main wing?

In Peter K's answer to this elliptical wing with lowest drag question the minimum induced drag lift distribution for a wing is described as one with a constant downwash angle across its span. When a ...
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How calculated the drag coefficient lift coefficient with pressure coefficient?

I have got the Cp Plot on a wing, now I am trying to calculate Cl and Cd. And the angle of attack is 0 degrees, the wing has been split into N Panels, and the normal vector ni for every Panel is ...
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Calculating Lift of a closed-wing drone

A group of students and I are designing a theoretical closed-wing drone and need to calculate lift based on the NASA lift equation. We've designed fixed-wing aircraft before and when it came to ...
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What are the effects of endplate on airfoil section?

A 3D wing cannot achieve the same high lift/drag ratio (more than a hundred sometimes) displayed by a 2D profile (airfoil section). This is due to 3D effects like spanwise flow, wingtip losses(...
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Why airflow travels faster on upper wings?

I have been looking for solutions and come up with two popular explanations: Conservation of mass / Continuity For a positive-cambered wing, the streamlines would be compressed/converged at the ...
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