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Legal responsibility.

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What is the willingness of non-AME physicians to perform BasicMed exams?

May 1st, 2017, BasicMed rolls out and for certain operations and certain pilots BasicMed promises a much more permissive and yet preventive oriented approach to medical approvals for pilots. A ...
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Can I have a free ride with airplane? [closed]

If I want to go from A to B, and there happens an airplane also goes from A to B, which has an empty seat, can I ask to go with it? It's like having a free ride in a carpool, but with airplanes? I ...
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For a private GA pilot, when is an endorsement needed for a particular type of aircraft?

If I've done my training say 85% in a C152 and 15% in a C172, then upon my earning my PPL, what am I allowed to fly legally? I assume the 152, but not sure about the 172. Is this indicated somehow in ...
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What liability concerns would drive an airplane homebuilder to scrap their plane?

Via this post by Ron Rapp, I found this video of a plane owner and builder dismantling a GA plane and then scrapping the airframe. The video claims this is because after consulting with aviation ...
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What liability does an aviation inspector have for errors & omissions?

In reading online, I've come across the term "pencil-whipping". The actual term is new to me but I'm familiar with the practice; it's when someone fills out the paperwork that attests something is ...
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Who pays for the damages in this Asiana-Aeroflot collision?

I just came across this article where an an Asiana 747 'collided' with an Aeroflot IL62 at the adjacent gate. As per the reports, IL62 had to be scrapped. From, what I read, it was like the Asiana ...
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What level of liability should a GA renter's insurance policy have? [closed]

As a GA pilot who rents planes occasionally, I am looking at buying a renter's insurance policy so that I'm covered against the injury of any passengers as well as damage to the aircraft. For bodily ...
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What records should a CFI keep to prove they took due care in the quality of their instruction?

I know there has been some cases where a flight instructor is sued after a current or former student does something that gets themselves (the student) killed or causes damage. I know that there have ...
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Are there any pitfalls to be wary of when purchasing an "umbrella" insurance policy?

Typically, a pilot will have airplane insurance (or renter's insurance, if flying un-owned aircraft), car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and then for good measure purchase an "umbrella"-...
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Do aircraft owners need to purchase insurance?

As far as I know, most (or all) airplane owners purchase insurance that covers liability, if nothing else. Good idea or not, is aircraft insurance legally required in the US, in the way that ...
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