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The Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL) is an EASA-issued license for aircraft limited to 2to MTOW, 4 occupants on board and limited to flights within Europe.

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If you follow the educational path from Sailplane Pilot License / Touring motorglider (SPL/TMG) to Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL-A/SEP). What is the requirement to progress from LAPL-A to a ...
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Can you choose to swap to a PPL when learning a (EASA) LAPL?

If I were to start flight training for a (EASA) LAPL and decide later (before completing the LAPL) that I wanted to do a PPL instead, is a switch possible? Could the hours flown in pursuit of the LAPL ...
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Is Touring Motor Glider included in the term "aeroplanes"?

The EASA definition goes as follows: ‘Aeroplane’ means an engine-driven fixed-wing aircraft heavier than air, that is supported in flight by the dynamic reaction of the air against its wings. ‘...
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What is the relation between the EASA Light Aircraft Pilot Licences and the Private/Sailplane/Balloon Pilot Licences?

The EASA licence and ratings requirements pages list: PPL(A) - for aeroplanes PPL(H) - for helicopters SPL - for gliders BPL - for balloons which match: LAPL(A) - for aeroplanes LAPL(H) - for ...
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Can I add ratings to a NNPL?

I have been speaking to a couple of local flying schools. Originally, I was going to train on a Piper Tomahawk to obtain an LAPL. But after explaining to one of them my goals, (just flying for fun, no ...
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LAPL vs PPL - Which is more suitable?

I would really like some help on making the decision as to which license is more suitable for my situation. From reading various forums online, others have had the same questions, but I couldn't find ...
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What FAA license does the EASA LAPL convert to?

I have read about getting a FAA licence to 'piggyback' with a EASA PPL(A). Is there a similar route for a EASA LAPL(A) licence. I assume if there is then there would be the same restrictions ie Max 4 ...
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What PPL routes are available with gliding experience?

I'm an early solo glider pilot, with the long term goal of also obtaining a PPL (not a LAPL(A)). I am planning to do this after I have obtained at least my bronze badge, which I aspire to within the ...
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Does the EASA LAPL(A) have a FAA equivalent?

I have an EASA LAPL (A) fixed wing pilots license and would like to know what the equivalent FAA license would be.
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Can I use a LAPL/PPL issued by the UK CAA to fly outside Europe?

Will the Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL) or Private Pilot License (PPL) be enough to to be able to fly to other countries outside Europe?
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